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We Clean Wood & Vinyl Fences

Fences are more than just a property line marker; they are a vital part of the overall beauty and appearance of your home’s exterior. A clean, natural wood fence or bright, white vinyl fence adds a key component of aesthetic beauty and cleanliness to your property that will make a big difference in your home’s overall appearance.

We clean all types of fencing:

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Beyond phenomenon experience. From the initial call to try to get an estimate to the quick response of coming to view my home to completing the job with the spirit of excellence. This was an amazing experience indeed.
The communications between the office and me was responsive and open. The quality of work was professional. Top notch patio cleaners and sealers. Even my cat approved. John is a rarity these days….a contractor that stands by his work and words. Only use John if you need a top notch professional.
Arnie Holtz
Arnie Holtz
Absolutely worth the money, briliant work!! Id reconmend Nelsons for quality over quantity. Professional work, very happy with the results!!!
kiyon jones
kiyon jones
Needed my front concrete washed. John came by while I was at the store, we talked and he did the wash unsupervised. He did a nice job, tho when I got back I noticed the street area had some stains. He asked to let a day pass to see if it would go away. It didn’t, and he actually came back on a Saturday and washed it away. Now that’s a stand up business man! He’s a nice guy too. I recommend you hire him!
Meta Mambo
Meta Mambo
I highly recommend Neilson Cleaning! I had my roof cleaned and it looks great. They showed up on time and did a fantastic job.
Julie Pursley
Julie Pursley
John came out to do the job today, and there was some extra stuff that I needed to have cleaned. He did a great job and the extras was minimal. Outstanding job done. Will definitely use next time I need any pressure washing done. He also gave me a “rough” estimate to repaint my house. Very reasonable!!
Norbert Bobay
Norbert Bobay
John Neilson did an excellent job cleaning my house and driveway.His work is high quality. I definitely would recommend his services.
Linda Bruno
Linda Bruno
John was Absolutely Amazing from start to finished product. I reached out via his website for a quote, received a call within the hour, an estimate the same day and services scheduled. He arrived on time, was professional, and DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB!! If you need pressure washing THIS IS YOUR GUY! Thanks so much John, we really appreciate you and look forward to your services for any future needs!
Marlena DeNoyer
Marlena DeNoyer
Neilson Cleaning painted my 2 double garage doors and did a fantastic job. No paint where it wasn’t supposed to be, cleaned the garage door windows. Job was don quickly and at a reasonable price. Happy to hire them again! Below before and after pictures.
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart
Thank you Neilson Cleaning for another outstanding job! This is the third time over nine years Neilson has cleaned my roof. Again, thank you for your professionalism and quality of work.
Thomas White
Thomas White
Highly recommend ! They were quick to respond and get me in. Priced fairly and did an awesome job !!!
Megan Drumm
Megan Drumm
I hired Neilson Cleaning & Painting to pressure wash my entire house including my driveway, sidewalk, walkway and fence. I was completely impressed with his professionalism and customer service. John responded quickly tomy email and was able to give us an estimate the following day. The price was affordable and the final outcome had exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be going back to John and recommend his services.
kay sarah
kay sarah
before mildew cleaning on deck
after mildew cleaning on deck

#1 Fence Washing Service

Remove the Dirt and Mildew

As storms roll through and wind kicks up, your fences are prone to dirt, moisture, and mildew taking over. Power washing your fence washes out all of that dirt and mildew and introduces your home to new benefits of cleanliness.

Improve Your Home’s Value – Having your fence professionally pressure washed can make your fence look years younger. Your clean fence can also add value to your home.

Improve Appearance – There is nothing worse than a fence that looks old, dull, and damaged. With the right pressure washing process, you can feel confident that the results will be amazing.

Best Results With Professional – When it  comes to restoring your fence back to life, Neilson Cleaning is the right team to get the job done. We will restore the life of your fence and bring the appeal back to your home.

We’re Providing Quality Roofing Services.

Only Trust The Experts!

Keep Your Fence Clean

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Fence?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your fence can often go overlooked but with the right fence washing professionals, you do not have to worry about it ever seeing an unappealing day again. Neilson Cleaning will help you keep your fence clean with our special fence cleaning process. 

How Often Should I Clean My Fence? 

The lifespan of your fence will be extended with annual maintenance. Depending on the type of fence you own will depend on how often your fence should be pressure washed. However, if you have questions about how often your fence should be pressure washed, give our professionals a call today.

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Let Us Do the Hard Work

Why Should I Hire A Professional?

Since most fences are exposed to a great deal of moisture, creating a surface for mold and mildew buildup, overtime it can become hard to remove. Hiring a professional service to come and clean your fence will keep mold and mildew away as well as keep you and your family safe. 

Pressurized Water – Our professionals have the right equipment and experience to clean your fence. With our safe biodegradable chemicals, the pressurized water at the right pressure will wash it away. The combination of the two will break down any buildup that has grown over time. 

Careful Professionals – We at Neilson Cleaning believe in handling every fence cleaning project with care. Our experience makes us the best at what we do and we will always know what kind of care is needed to restore your fence to a perfectly clean state. We use cleaners that are safe for different fencing materials, such as wood or vinyl. Once our professionals start the cleaning process, they always set the pressure washer to a safe setting without causing any damage. 

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